This holiday season we are asking you to help meet the urgent emotional wellness needs of families and individuals in our community, by making a donation to our year-round counseling and therapy services. In many cases, HGI Counseling provides services to families and individuals at no cost or at a minimal cost based on their ability to pay.

HGI could not do all that we do, in so many communities, without the community’s support. We are very thankful for each and every donor, and simply cannot thank you enough.

A gift of cash, check, or credit card through one of the online methods below or by mail, fax, or phone is always the easiest way to give.

A gift of closely held securities, stocks and bonds are also welcomed and offer donors certain tax benefits.

Real and personal property are welcomed as well.

Life Estate gifts through Charitable Trusts offer income to the donor as well as to HGI.

For your convenience, we want to offer you several secure and reliable online donation payment options. Please choose the option you prefer.

A gift of cash, check, or credit card by mail, fax, or phone is also accepted. Choose how your funds will be used.