Training at HGI

Our Learning Community

When the Houston Galveston Institute was founded in 1978, our primary purpose was to assist mental health professionals seeking to develop their skills in family therapy. Currently our purpose is to assist mental health professionals who want to develop a collaborative-dialogic and postmodern approach to therapeutic work with individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, and community.

HGI is dedicated to life-long learning. We assist learners who are interested in becoming licensed professional counselors and licensed marriage and family therapists by providing training programs based on a collaborative, personalized model in which participation and curiosity are encouraged and the trainees’ expertise and ideas are respected. In this learning community, exchange between faculty and learner is highly encouraged.

HGI offers graduate training through internships and practicum for students who are in masters and doctoral level programs such as counseling, psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy. Post-graduate Continuing Education is offered through a number of programs, including workshops, seminars, certificate programs, conferences, and Visitor Study Program. Online training opportunities are also available.

HGI provides supervision for new graduates who are working toward their license in Professional Counseling (LPC) and Marriage & Family Therapy (LMFT). Additionally, HGI offers supervision courses for those who would like to become approved supervisors in these professions.