Counseling Services

HGI Counseling is not your typical counseling center.

HGI Counseling is the leader in Collaborative Therapy, which means we work with our clients on what they want to work on to achieve what they want to achieve or to change what they want to change. We are purely about our clients, listening, asking questions, exploring ideas and finding solutions.

Our style of therapy has seen a high rate of success, with our clients reporting that what they accomplished in therapy continues to change their lives on a more permanent basis, instead of experiencing only temporary change.

HGI Counseling also works with families, couples and single parents affecting the family unit, including:

  • Children & teens affected by high-conflict divorce & shared parenting
  • Children & families in the school setting in partnership with the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District
  • Children & teens who are acting out, running away or struggling in school
  • Communities, families & individuals impacted by disasters
  • Families involved in multiple systems of care