Upcoming Trainings

4/17/2020Stephanie ZepedaExpanding Your Practice With Technology Assisted Services
5/15/2020Rocio Chaveste & Maria Luisa “Papusa” MolinaCollaborative-Dialogic Practices in Work with Marginalized Clients
8/7/2020Sylvia London & Gina LiraReflecting Practices
10/16/2020Saliha Bava and Adriana Gil-WilkersonConflict Resolution/Team Building/Organizations
12/4/2020Josie Paul & Ilana ReiszCollaborative-Dialogic Work in Schools
2/5/2019Irma “Ñeca” Rodriguez & Sue LevinWalk-In & Single Session Therapy
4/16/2021Diana Carleton & Carlos VillarCollaborative Leadership
These offerings are from our International Certificate of Collaborative Practices 2019-2021