Our Team

Our therapists specialize in providing an alternative method of counseling that is more conversational and collaborative to the families, couples & individuals that come to HGI for assistance. HGI’s therapy staff includes Clinical Faculty, Supervised Clinical Associates, and doctoral- and master-level students who work under the direct supervision of the Clinical Faculty.

Our therapists usually hold master degrees or are completing their coursework in marriage & family therapy, psychology, clinical social work or other mental health disciplines. Typically, they are experienced in working with a wide range of clients in a variety of settings, such as mental health agencies, psychiatric hospitals, community agencies, crisis centers & Child Protective Services before entering their training with HGI.

Often, our clients have the benefit of working with a team of two or more therapists, supervised by our accomplished faculty. This team approach brings a broad range of ideas to each client’s circumstances, exponentially increasing the creativity & possibilities generated in each session.

Sue Levin, Ph.D., LMFT-Supervisor, LPC-Supervisor,

Executive Director

Helping people has been a life-long ambition and the opportunity to serve others as a therapist, mentor, organizational leader and employer is a dream come true. I am grateful for the many people who have taught me to be a good listener so I can learn what is important to each and every person who is looking for help. I believe that there is always hope and am willing to work to make opportunities for change. I believe that the smallest change can catapult other and bigger changes, so no effort is wasted. I believe that there is much we do not know about change, and how to effect it. I believe we may never have all the answers. I believe we must continue to try, even when we do not know what to do. I believe life is about trying.
As a therapist I have worked with individuals, couples and families at all ages and stages of their lives. I understand that each person is unique and despite my years of experience, I must listen to each story to learn what is important in this particular situation. I have been known to be able to help people who have complicated and long-standing dilemmas, people who are considered “difficult” to other therapists, and people who have not been able to find the help they need. I believe that all people can benefit from therapy if they find the right therapist.
Over the years, I have decided not to have “specialties” or a clinical “niche”. I made this decision because I believe I would not listen as well; that I would jump to conclusions and use past experience to inform me instead of being informed by each client I see. I never want to stop listening, nor do I ever want to think that I have all the answers.
I have limited availability for clients.
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(713) 526-8390 or sue@talkhgi.org

Adriana E. Gil-Wilkerson, M.S., LMFT-Supervisor

Clinical and Training Director

I am a collaborative-dialogic therapist and supervisor. As a therapist I will work alongside you to find helpful and meaningful outcomes. You set the pace for therapy and you help determine in what directions to take the conversation. Together we will find your strengths so that you can manage the challenges in your life.

Trabajo desde una perspectiva colaborativa-dialogica. Como terapeuta trabajare con usted para encontrarle resultados útiles y significativos. Usted establece el ritmo de la terapia y ayuda a determinar las direcciones de la conversación. Descubriremos sus fortalezas para que pueda enfrentar retos en su vida.

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(713) 526-8390 x106  or agil-wilkerson@talkhgi.org

Michael Pontello, M.A., LMFT-Supervisor

School Program Director

I began my training and professional experience with HGI as an intern and it has been life changing. Through the years I have had the privilege of being invited into a variety of communities through the numerous programs HGI has to offer. The bulk of my therapeutic experiences have involved work in public schools though I have also enjoyed working with a variety of clients through our open community program. With ever evolving training in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices, I enjoy being able to share my experiences through training as a member of HGI’s faculty and supervision with new learners while continuing to grow as a collaborative therapist.

I am currently the school program director for HGI and I assist an ever-growing team of therapists as they begin their work collaboratively in our school programs. I also continue to practice therapy both in the school setting and at HGI’s office.

(713) 526-8390 X204 mpontello@talkhgi.org

Our Administrative Staff

Heather Z. Jordan, Accounting/Clinical Admin. Assistant, Houston Office
(713) 526 8390 x102

Jennifer Kirsten, Administrative Assistant, Houston Office
(713)526 8390 x 200

Linda Hartfield, Administrative Assistant Fort Bend Office
(832)471 6538

Our Therapists

Rainey Atkinson, LPC- Intern, Supervised by Catherine King, LMFT-S, LPC-S ratkinson@talkhgi.org

Paulishia Augillard, M.S., LPC, Supervised Clinical Associate (832) 471-6538 – Fort Bend Office paugillard@talkhgi.org

Nakita Bowman, M.S., LPC, Supervised Clinical Associate
(713) 526-8390 x209 nbowman@talkhgi.org

Alyce Chu, M.Ed, LPC-Intern, Clinical Associate
(713) 526-8390 x104 achu@talkhgi.org

Samantha Coy, M.S., LMFT-Associate,  LPC, Supervised Clinical Associate.
(832) 471-6538 – Fort Bend Office scoy@talkhgi.org

Elaijia Eaton, M.S., LPC-Intern, LCDC, Supervised Clinical Associate (832) 471-6538 – Fort Bend Office eeaton@talkhgi.org

Alexa Gomez, M.S., LMFT-Associate, Supervised Clinical Associate agomez@talkhgi.org

Erin Jacobs, M.A., LMFT-Associate, Supervised Clinical Associate
(832) 471-6538 – Fort Bend Office ejacobs@talkhgi.org

Nkem KellyM.S., LMFT, LPC , and Life Coach,
(832) 471-6538 – Fort Bend Office nkelly@talkhgi.org

Fatima MohiuddinLMSW, Supervised Clinical Associate
(713) 526-8390   fmohiuddin@talkhgi.org

Molly Neyland, LPC-Intern, Supervised by Angela Rainey Burciaga, LPC-S
(832) 471-6538 mneyland@talkhgi.org

Tushanna Price MA, MFT, LMFT-A, Supervised by Adriana Gil-Wilkerson, MS, LMFT-S
(713) 526 8390 x203 tprice@talkhgi.org

Joanna SanchezM.S., LMFT-Associate, Supervised by Leonard Bohanon, PhD., LMFT-S
(832) 471-6538 – Fort Bend Office jsanchez@talkhgi.org

Romana ZamanM.S., LMFT-Associate LPC-Intern, Supervised by Susan B. Levin, PhD., LPC-S, LMFT-S
(713) 526-8390 x215 – rzaman@talkhg.org 


Anousha Lakhani, LMFT-Associate, LPC-Intern, Supervised by Catherine King, LMFT-S, LPC-S

Jacqueline Smith, M.A., LCDC, LPC-I, Supervised by Catherine King, LMFT-S, LPC-S

Jackie House, Masters Level Intern from Our Lady of the Lake University

LIndsay Palermo, Masters Level Intern from Our Lady of the Lake University

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