About Us

Houston Galveston Institute is a 40-year old, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that serves the Greater Houston Area and surrounding locations.

HGI celebrates and is dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. We are passionate about including voices across race, gender, age, religion, identity and cultural experience in our work promoting mental wellness. Everyone is welcomed and everyone is valued. We believe our employees, learners, volunteers, clients and communities should be heard and supported. Together we will build an inclusive environment at HGI.

Through the years, our therapists have been active in research & training, producing some of the most groundbreaking work and studies in family counseling in the nation. This work has propelled the organization to one of the most international & nationally recognized counseling, research and training facilities in America, and around the globe. Universities, institutes, and governments around the globe have been duplicating the HGI model and setting up family institutes also based on HGI’s programs and services. HGI also offers a training certificate that is recognized in the mental health industry around the world.

In our headquarters, located in the Greenway Plaza area, HGI partners with many different organizations and community agencies, such as Harris County Domestic Relations Office (DRO), Communities in Schools (CIS), AVANCE/Headstart, Covenant House, Houston ISD, Alief ISD, Lamar Consolidated ISD, and many others. HGI is continually building new partnerships throughout the community to provide workshops, counseling, and training for administration teams and their clients. HGI works with government agencies, non-profits, for-profits, companies and organizations.

HGI provides counseling services, workshops, programs and services to those from all walks of life and all economic levels. And after 40-years, there is not anything HGI’s therapists have not seen or heard, and we understand the curve balls that life often sends our way, unexpectedly. But HGI is here when life is not what we expected or wanted.

We also have therapists active in low-income communities, providing inexpensive counseling, working with children and families who have faced horrendous situations in their lives, from abuse, neglect & violence in & around their home. Without HGI’s programs and services, many of these families would not have access to counseling, someone to help them work through their challenges and find a way out of intergenerational habits and poverty.

HGI is also a Mental Health Disaster Provider, being on site in the schools or communities when there are school crisis or tragedies, hurricanes or other disasters, and in the community when there are unexpected needs.

Through this organization’s work, many of these families from low-income communities can move forward into training opportunities and then the workforce, setting a new example for their children – our next generation.